The Judges and Magistrates of the 71A District Court perform marriage ceremonies at the Courthouse. The wedding party needs to obtain the marriage license from the County Clerk  in which either resides. After you have a license, call the District Court at (810) 667-0314 to reserve a time for your ceremony.

At the time of the ceremony, you will need to bring your license, two adult (over 18) witnesses and the $10.00 fee. That is the only charge by the Court to perform the ceremony. The bride, groom and the two witnesses will need to report to the District Court office on the first floor, 15 minutes before the ceremony. The witness’s names will be typed on the license and you will be directed to the assigned courtroom.

If you wish to reserve the Old Historic Courthouse for your wedding, click on Reserving the Courthouse for Marriage 

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!