Secretary II

For Wage and Job Description Details

General Summary

Under the joint supervision of the Administration Office Manager and Human Resource Manager, this position performs a variety of support functions within the Administration Office.  This position will be responsible for assisting the Office Manager and HR Manager with handling of sensitive personnel records, FMLA’s and health insurance documentation and verifications of a confidential nature, as well as a variety of advanced clerical and accounting duties for both the Administration and Finance Offices. This position will be in charge of planning, implementing, managing, and upgrading the County website. This position will be shared between both offices as deemed appropriate to meet the needs of both departments.

Essential Functions

  1. Prepares agendas for Board and committee meetings based on input from the County Controller/Administrator, Office Manager, CFO, department heads, elected officials, Board directives, correspondence received, and issues/projects in progress. Works with managers and others to collect materials for Board and committee meetings and assembles and distributes meeting packets.
  2. Following Board and committee meetings, follows up on agenda items, such as placing item on agenda of another committee, sending information to legal counsel, preparing documents for signature, or other action. May assist in researching issues by calling other counties or agencies, and collecting and compiling information.
  3. Serves as the County’s webmaster; Provides continuous updates to the content and graphics; monitoring performance and results, identifying and evaluating improvement options; maintaining links; uploading job postings; and may include taking pictures of various County facilities for use on the website.
  4. Create appropriate website content aligned with the County’s strategy and addresses the needs and interests of our multiple stakeholders, including improving the user experience of the website regularly.
  1. Collaborate with all staff and management to ensure that the website aligns with County’s standards.
  2. Sets up and types correspondence, reports, various contracts, budget documents, legal notices, spreadsheets, and other documents for the County Controller/Administrator, Office Manager, CFO and Commissioners, as assigned.
  3. Assists the HR Manager with personnel filing; maintaining the position control listing and verifying approved motions for filling vacancies; balancing and verifying insurance billings; maintaining the EASE system for personnel health benefits; and attending the monthly insurance meetings and open enrollment sessions related to employee benefits.
  4. May assist the Office Manager and HR Manager to prepare and type forms and correspondence related to disciplinary actions, collective bargaining, closed session documents, and other materials of a sensitive nature.
  5. Assists preparing confidential records related to union matters and union negotiations; Also filing of union and legal matters of a confidential nature.
  6. Assists in processing, logging, and/or filing various confidential personnel and documents, such as FLMA’s, personnel files, open enrollment forms, FOIA’s, Vacation Extension requests, etc., as assigned.
  7. Composes and types correspondence independently, or with general verbal direction, for the County Controller/Administrator, Office Manager, CFO, HR Manager or Commissioners.
  8. Create and maintain the County’s Employee Identification Program; Provides new and replacement I.D.’s for new and existing employees; Coordinates with the Building & Grounds staff to provide that the County policy is followed for terminated employees so that security and access is strictly adhered.
  9. Establishes and maintains files on meetings, contracts, budgetary matters, special projects, and other areas. Assists the public, employees and elected officials in identifying, researching, and obtaining Board and County Controller/Administrator data and reports.
  10. Departmental filing, typing, scheduling appointments, and receiving telephone calls and walk-in visitors and responding to inquiries and complaints; and Assists the Building & Grounds Department with scheduling of meeting rooms.
  11. Prepares vouchers for both Administration and Finance offices, as assigned, for signature by the respective Supervisor.
  12. May be required to attend and take minutes for other sub-committee meetings, as assigned.
  13. Manage complex, time-sensitive projects that may require training other assigned staff and coordination of activities.
  14. Develop training materials for employees to efficiently use many of the
    technologies referenced.
  15. Maintains department's electronic filing system and continually reviews opportunities to improve the structure and use of the system(s).
  16. May be assigned Special Projects as deemed appropriate by both the Administration and Finance Department in order to meet the needs of the Department.

Other Functions

  1. None listed.

This list may not be inclusive of the total scope of job functions to be performed.  Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or modified at any time.

Employment Qualifications
Education:  High school graduation or equivalent, prefer some advanced coursework in accounting, data processing and clerical.
Experience:  Minimum of two years of advanced clerical support experience, including bookkeeping/accounting, data entry, and secretarial support.

Knowledge of Basic Roberts Rules of Order.
Knowledge of Basic Website Maintenance.
Knowledge of Human Resource Onboarding.
Knowledge of County policies and hiring procedures.
Skill in wordsmithing Board of Commissioners motions based on verbal and written information.
Skill in organization to maintain and retrieve all forms of Historical Documents.
Skill in operation of multiple computer programs and other technology.
Skill in accurate data entry and word processing.
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
Ability to multitask several projects with accuracy. 

Other Requirements:  None listed.
The qualifications listed above are intended to represent the minimum skills and experience levels associated with performing the duties and responsibilities contained in this job description.  The qualifications should not be viewed as expressing absolute employment or promotional standards, but as general guidelines that should be considered along with other job-related selection or promotional criteria.

FLSA Status:  Non-exempt
Workers’ Compensation Code:  8810
Occupational Employment Statistical Code: 

Physical Requirements  {This job requires the ability to perform the essential functions contained in this description.  These include, but are not limited to, the following requirements and working conditions.  Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified applicants unable to fulfill one or more of these requirements}:
Ability to access departmental files.
Ability to enter and retrieve information from computer.
Ability to remain seated for long periods of time in front of a computer screen.

Working Conditions:
Works in office conditions.