Lapeer County Jail Visitation Schedule 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
8am-9pm with black out times of noon-1pm and 5pm-6pm

Remote Visitation
8am-10pm with blackout times of noon-1pm and 5pm-7pm
To schedule an appointment or put money on an inmate account to visit remotely please click here


Visitors must:
Be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 
Have photo identification and be registered at
Must not have a current P.P.O. non-contact order in place.

Visitor/Screening Deputy starts visiting every 30 minutes:
Visitations are by appointment and will need to be made online prior to coming to the jail. 
Late arrivals will not have their visitation time extended.
Visitations are scheduled by the half hour.

Visitors place belongings in lockers:
Coin operated lockers are in the visiting lobby.
All visitor's personal items must be placed within locker or their vehicle.

Rules/Privileges of visitation:
Inmates are entitled to (2) thirty-minute visits per week. Visiting days and schedules are posted above.
Visitors and inmates are to be properly dressed, with a maximum of three visitors. Visitors must be approved by on duty Sergeant.
While in the visitation area: eating, rowdiness, swearing, kissing the glass partition, obscene language, gestures, or any other violation of jail rules by a visitor or inmate will be reason to terminate visitation will result in discipline. No indecent exposure of any kind. All inmates and their visitors must obey all the laws of the State of Michigan while on Lapeer County property. 
Any special requests for visits must be sent in writing by the inmate to the Lieutenant at lease 24 hours in advance. Former Lapeer County Jail inmates must be released from Jail (90) days before they will be allowed to visit an inmate. 
Attorney visits are not restricted to regular visiting days or hours. Every effort will be made to accommodate both the attorney and his/her client.
Visitors can only bring cash to deposit in the Canteen and/or Combined Public Communication kiosks. 

Violations of Visitation Rules:
First infraction 1-week loss of visits
Second infraction 1-month loss of visits
Third infraction permit loss of visitation privileges

Screening and Floor deputies may deny, terminate, or suspend visit when:

Visitor suspected of drug or alcohol influence.
Visitor refuses to comply with search procedure.
Visitor refuses to produce satisfactory identification.
Failure to comply with visiting rules.
Failure to have children under control.
Inappropriate behavior by inmate or visitor.
Due to severe weather.