Administrator/ Controller

The combined Administrator/Controller position was established in Lapeer County in 1995. Primary responsibilities concentrate on financial operations, accounts payable, payroll and human resource functions, coordination with professional service companies and administrative support to the Board of Commissioners.

The County Administrator’s department is responsible for preparation of budgets, reports, union labor agreements, resolutions and communications for the Board of Commissioners, as well as serving as a liaison between County Departments and the Board of Commissioners. The Administrator/Controller's Office has the task of developing systems and programs that will enable the County to provide more effective and efficient services to our citizens and implementing adopted policies and procedures for the various county departments and staff.

The County Controller functions under the Michigan Controllers Act, Public Act 257 of 1927, as amended. The Controller is the chief accounting officer of the County and has the charge and supervision of the accounts and accounting of every office, officer, and department of the County and is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to manage county financial affairs and oversee county operations. Staff provides leadership and management of board initiatives and supervises certain department functions that are under the authority of the Board of Commissioners.

County Administrative staff coordinates the activities of various professionals assisting the county including: elected and appointed department heads, auditors, labor attorney, corporate counsel, insurance companies, health insurance and retirement advisors and technology professionals. The Administrator/ Controller and their staff also prepare annual priority objectives, policy recommendations, work program information, as well as committee and sub-committee agendas. They also process Freedom of Information Act requests, and research/recommendations to the Board regarding numerous issues affecting county government, including monitoring State legislative activities impacting the county and reviewing potential consequences of proposed changes with the Board.

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